Our massage partner is Adeline. She works in coherence with the territory and uses organic oils from Gers to massage you. She will be happy to perfect your relaxing stay with her traditional massages treatments, according to your needs and your desires... Graduate in Thailand (Aromatic Massage) and in France, (Californian Massage, Kobido & Ayurvedic), Adeline practises in Gers and especially at the Didascalies.

Rates :
Aromatic massage with organic oils : 1h = 70 €, 1h30 = 90 €, couple 2x 1h = 120 €
This traditional massage, taught in Thailand, provides a feeling of fullness and well-being. It is designed to relax the whole body through a combination of drainage and kneading, it promotes the release of tensions and will leave you in a state of intense relaxation.

Californian massage : 1h = 70 €, couple 2x 1h = 120 €
It loosens tensions and re-energizes the body, this massage appeals to the forearms for more vigor.
Adeline uses a camphor oil to release muscle tension and spinal pain.
The body will be energized and rested, the mind will be soothed.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic massage is not only relaxing. By rebalancing the biological energies (doshas) it offers you many other benefits : It tones the muscular tissues, nourishes the skin, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation, fights against insomnia, mental fatigue by providing a feeling of vitality and lightness. In short, it will regenerate you ! As a cure, this massage will allow you to find an emotional balance as a great cleansing of body and mind.
1 hour long : 70€

Kobido, Japanese Facial Massage
Facial massage inspired by an ancestral technique. Pure wonder for the microcirculation of the face, for tissue nutrition and oxygenation.
It will have the effect of a natural lifting on you, better skin tone, a more radiant complexion, as well as deep relaxation.
Technique of smoothing, modeling, and digital pressures. It is a treatment of excellence by its result but also by the neat and refined realization. I use an organic vegetable oil and a few drops of Damascus rose oil (precious and rare oil, perfect ally against the signs of time). The neck, shoulders and cervical will be massaged, and finally a head massage.
1 hour long : 70€



Discover the Shiatsu massage, Japanese energy technique of well-being.

Camille Cousin is a Shiatsu practitioner, member of the FFST (French Federation of Traditional Shiatsu),
Graduates after 4 years of training.

1h15 long, rates: 65€ adult, 45€ child
2h30 long, couple 115€, parent/child 95€

In the Asian tradition, mind and body are not dissociated. Often related to massage or relaxing care techniques, Shiatsu allows a work on the totality of being.
Through stretching, pressure on specific paths (meridians) in the same principle as acupuncture, these manipulations promote the free flow of energy throughout the body.

So the shiatsu can accompany you in your approach of well-being whether it is for a need of relaxation, to relieve physical disorders or for a soothing of emotions.

credit photo Laurie Dall'ava



Offers to perfect your relaxing stay.

Teacher of Hatha Yoga, Gwendoline Roblet offers sessions adapted to your desires.
Whatever your level (beginner or practitioner) the two courses are accessible and adapted to your body as and when you practice. The important thing is to give yourself a break. A break to come back to you. To reinvest your body, re-explore your senses and find yourself.
Time for a one-on-one with yourself…

course of 1h30 long = 20€ per person
2 participants minimum, so as not to be disappointed, please let us know at least one week in advance…

Relaxation session:

Breathing is the key to this gentle practice turned inward. The body is here an observation medium to pose the mind. For all those who want a gentle practice, relax, find their own rhythm and give themselves a moment of complete well-being: from body to mind.

Stretch Session:

Dynamic, energetic practice, this course is more physical: we practice asanas (yoga postures) a little more challenging: balances, inversions, more intense work of the mobility of the body, always with respect for oneself, its limits and abilities. One sweats (a little), one surpasses oneself (a lot) and one advances towards the knowledge of oneself.

Gwendoline Roblet



On sunny days, our terraces with an amazing view of countryside are at your disposal. Take advantage of your stay to take stock, refocus with the sessions of sophrology of Pascale Rouyer.

Offer 1 :

1h30 long, 2 persons minimum, 30€ per person
A discovery session of sophrology : an appointment with oneself, a dialogue body-mind in softness, without a priori, without judgment.... Give yourself this gift ! Sitting by the pool or under the gazebo depending on the weather.

Offer 2 :

practice of 2h long, 2 persons minimum, 40€ per person.
A discovery session of sophrology: an appointment with yourself, followed by a walk in the countryside, a walk in consciousness, with all our senses, which project us to the world.
Sophro-hike session = starts with 30min of sophrology session followed by a and hike in full consciousness.


Your Stay

Our house is nestled between fields in organic farming, small woods and a large pond where biodiversity is fully expressed, a real paradise for nature lovers.

The path of the ridges, very popular by hikers of all levels, passes in front of our property.

So it won’t be difficult for you to enjoy a beautiful walk… on foot, on horseback or by bike.

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Our Home

Our house is nestled between fields in organic farming, small woods and a big pond where the biodiversity expresses itself fully, a real happiness for the lovers of the nature.

The path of the peaks, very popular with hikers of all levels, passes our property.
It will not be difficult for you to enjoy a nice walk ... on foot, on horseback or by bike..